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  1. How do I get started?
    1. Sign up to
    2. Download CGC – Pilot Android App through the App Store.
    3. Once registered, use your email and password to log in to CGC – Pilot App.
    4. Connect your DJI Drone to the Android Device using a designated cable.
    5. Your DJI Drone will be automatically registered.
    6. Now you can fly, plan missions, and invite other users to view and take action.
  2. I’m having trouble with downloading the app
    1. Try using this link through your mobile device
    2. Make sure your Android device is running 8.0 (Oreo) or higher.
  3. What permissions are required and for what?
    1. In order for CGC – Pilot to connect the drone, you must grant CGC-Pilot the permissions to access the device’s location, manage phone calls, and access photos and media from your device.
    2. Those permissions allow the App to connect the drone and send all information to Cloud Ground Control Dashboard in real-time.
    3. if you denied those permissions, you can try changing them through Android Settings → Apps → Cloud Ground Control → Permissions
  4. I connected the drone with a cable but nothing happens!
    1. Ensure the connecting cable is of high and good quality.
    2. Once a connection is established between the mobile device and the drone, a pop-up should appear asking you which app to use.
    3. If you can’t see the pop-up try using a different cable.
  5. My drone is connected but I can’t see it on the map
    1. In order to see the drone on the Dashboard, it must be turned on with a good GPS reception.
    2. Take your drone to an area where there is a good GPS and mobile network connection.
    3. You will notice that once the drone is connected, remote and privileged users will be able to see the telemetry and video on the Cloud Ground Control – Dashboard
  6. The drone is connected, but I can’t see the video
    1. Check your mobile internet connectivity on the mobile device in the area.
    2. if you have a strong 4G signal the video should work with low latency.

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