Drone Fleet Monitoring through A Web browser

Easily monitor your entire drone fleet operations from a single computer, with live video feed and remote drone access.

The responsibility of managing a large fleet of drones spread across several sites could be challenging, especially when you don’t have visibility of the site. How can you ensure the quality of captures? How do you know your pilots remain compliant at all times? How can you improve situational awareness and communicate effectively during emergency situations?

Enter Cloud Ground Control.

Fleet View. Pilot view. In a single click.

Enable complete transparency of your entire fleet operations, while being able to assist on-site crew during training or emergency situations.

Video feed in real time.

Get access to any of your drone video feeds in real time over 4G/5G connections. Communicate broadly and effectively to increase situational awareness for critical decision making.

Even more features under the hood.

Data Management & Processing

Store and access all flight history: videos, imagery, flight logs. Import geo-spatial layers and use built-in data processing services.

Device Agnostic

Choose the right drone for the job. CGC is designed to work flexibly to allow view and control of any type of drone or sensors.

Reduce Compliance Risks

Create geofence alerts to ensure flight compliance and export flight plans for annual reviews.

Designed For Integration

Integrate CGC with custom applications or machine learning capabilities for real-time object detection and tracking.

On the Move? There's an app.

Connect your drone with Cloud Ground Control Android App, available on Google Play.

Cloud Ground Control App

One Solution. Multiple Applications.

Emergency Services
Drones Emergency Services

Improved situational awareness

We understand that once the information is not restricted to the pilot on site, it improves the ability of chief pilots and critical decision makers for better and faster responses.

Inspections/ Mapping
Drones Surveying

Managing Capture programs at scale

We assist chief pilots build remote pilot training programs to avoid re-captures. Create alerts that trigger upon hardware failures  and compliance breaches.

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