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View and control your uncrewed fleet
from a web browser
in real-time

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Master mission control.
Bank on success.

Cloud Ground Control (CGC) is a state-of-the-art cloud based command and control solution for operators and manufacturers of uncrewed air, land and sea vehicles.

CGC enables pilots and mission commanders to securely configure, monitor and manage multiple autonomous drones and robots.

Connect your DJI drones via our mobile app or any other vehicles using CGConnect – our cellular micro-modem and view the entire fleet live through a web browser.

Enhance situational awareness.
Boost responsiveness.

Cloud Ground Control offers real-time access to telemetry, video and payload data simultaneously from one or multiple uncrewed vehicles. 

Live data streaming from multiple sources to one central platform improves real-time situational awareness, enabling more informed decisions and quicker response times.

With Cloud Ground Control, prioritise safety, mitigate operation risk and confidently achieve mission objectives.

Keep your data secure.
Operate with confidence.

Why use Cloud Ground Control?

Reliability. Dependability. Security.

Incorporating high availability architecture, Cloud Ground Control’s powerful platform ensures uninterrupted connectivity at any time and any location.

Rest assured, at Cloud Ground Control data security is always top of mind. Applying AES 256 military grade end-to-end encryption & security practices, our software protects your data and IP, safeguarding it from potential threats and security breaches.

Groundbreaking technology.
That doesn’t cost the earth.

Cloud Ground Control is levelling the playing field.

Our mission is to make CGC technology readily accessible to operators and manufacturers at an affordable price.

For operators, subscribe to Cloud Ground Control to efficiently scale your operation.

For manufacturers, leverage CGConnect to launch your product into the cloud and accelerate your time to market.

Connect any drone or vehicle.
Streamline operations.

Cloud Ground Control is vehicle and sensor agnostic. What does that mean? It’s compatible with almost any uncrewed air, land or sea vehicle or peripheral.

Operate multiple brands of drones, uncrewed ground vehicles and autonomous surface vessels via an all-in-one platform. Tailor your payload such as GPS trackers, cameras and sensors to match your exact mission requirements.

Eliminate interoperability issues and streamline operations by executing missions using your existing fleet.

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Optimise mission execution.
Avoid mission reruns.

Cloud Ground Control is the perfect flexible solution suitable both for sole operators of a single vehicle as well as multiple operators of an entire fleet. Scale operations and view up to 1000 uncrewed vehicles simultaneously.

Relaying real-time high definition video from site operators to central command enables better mission coordination plus the opportunity to correct errors in the field, avoiding costly and time consuming reruns.


App or Modem connection

Connect your drone using either a smartphone app or our onboard cellular micro-modem.

Redundant reliability

Cloud Ground Control is built for reliability, with multiple redundancy solutions in place to ensure uninterrupted operation.

End-to-end encryption

Cloud Ground Control is built secure with the highest level encryption and security in place.

Vehicle agnostic

Support for multiple industry standard protocols provides integration with drones from many manufacturers including DJI and Pixhawk.

Peripheral agnostic

An advanced VPN allows you to access any network peripheral.

Custom Apps

Use the SDK to build your own app on the platform.

Integrations and API

Integrate your own applications using the API to access video, telemetry and peripherals in real-time.

Real-time telemetry

Monitor and control your drones in real-time with rich 3D mapping.

Low latency video

With video latency under 200 milliseconds, watch your drone video feed with no perceivable delay.

Built-in Compliance

Featuring built-in compliance tools, ensure you meet your compliance obligations.

4G/5G connection

Securely connect your drone to the cloud using our cellular micro-modem or smartphone app.

Cloud storage

Storage for your telemetry, video, LiDAR and other peripheral data at your fingertips.

Unlimited applications

Powered by

Cloud Ground Control is a product of Advanced Navigation.

Anticipating exponential growth in drone applications, Advanced Navigation created Cloud Ground Control to enable fleet operations to be executed, monitored and managed at scale, in real-time.

Advanced Navigation is a supplier to some of the biggest companies around the world including NASA, Airbus, Boeing, Tesla, Google, Apple and General Motors.

Keeping beaches safe

Little Ripper uses CGC to monitor and control over 100 drones simultaneously.

“Cloud Ground Control has allowed us to gain better insights of what is happening on our beaches so our teams can make more informed decisions in emergencies.”

Jason YoungCEO, Ripper Corporation

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