Monitor and Control your drone fleet from a web browser


Securely connect your drone fleet to the cloud over 4G/5G and get access from any internet-connected device.

Cloud Ground Control allows multi-users and multi-drone connections.


Easily monitor the operations of your drone fleet thanks to our user-friendly dashboard.

Switch from pilot view to fleet view in a single click, and get real-time video feed and telemetry.

& Control

Cloud Ground Control seamlessly integrates your custom software, machine learning capabilities, and your drone peripherals into one online platform.

Manage vehicle setup and create mission plans to enable total mission control.

A cloud-based command and control solution

Cloud Ground Control provides pilots and mission commanders with real-time situational awareness and mission control, enabling more informed decisions and efficient responses.

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App or Modem connection

Connect your drone using either a smartphone app or our onboard micro cellular modem.

Redundant reliability

Cloud Ground Control is built for reliability, with multiple redundancy solutions in place to ensure uninterrupted operation.

End to end encryption

Cloud Ground Control is built secure with the highest level encryption and security in place.

Vehicle agnostic

Support for multiple industry standard protocols provides integration with drones from many manufacturers including DJI and Pixhawk.

Peripheral agnostic

An advanced VPN allows you to access any network peripheral.

Custom Apps

Use the SDK to build your own app on the platform.

Integrations and API

Integrate your own applications using the API to access video, telemetry and peripherals in real-time.

Real-time telemetry

Monitor and control your drones in real time with rich 3D mapping.

Low latency video

With video latency as low as 60 ms, watch your drone video feed with no perceivable delay.

Built-in Compliance

Featuring built-in compliance tools, ensure you meet your compliance obligations.

4G/5G connection

Securely connect your drone to the cloud using our credit card sized cellular modem or smartphone app.

Cloud storage

Storage for your telemetry, video, LiDAR and other peripheral data at your fingertips.

Why use Cloud Ground Control?

Reduce Compliance Risks

Create geofence alerts to ensure flight compliance and export flight plans for annual reviews.

Designed For Integration

Integrate CGC with custom applications or machine learning capabilities for real-time object detection and tracking.

Device Agnostic

Choose the right drone for the job. CGC is designed to work flexibly to allow view and control of any type of drone or sensors.

Data Management & Processing

Store and access all flight history: videos, imagery, flight logs. Import geo-spatial layers and use built-in data processing services.

Keeping beaches safe

Little Ripper uses CGC to monitor and control over 100 drones simultaneously.

“Cloud Ground Control has allowed us to gain better insights of what is happening on our beaches so our teams can make more informed decisions in emergencies.”

Jason YoungCEO, Ripper Corporation

Unlimited applications

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